Jaimini Astrology is a totally  different form of Astrology which is foreseen from different aspects which are further discussed inbelow article. Before moving on to a detail study ofJaimini astrology one must understand unlike Parashar Astrology this form Astrology deals with Sutras and Verses. Ithelps understanding what a person truly is and who will come in one’s life (in terms of wealth or material possessions and spiritually).

The term Jaimini is derived from Ancient Saint named Sage Jaimini, who learnt from his father Sage Parashara and Ved Vyas in turn developing his own kind of Astrology i.e. Jaimini Astrology, therefore leading to some similarities and some differences in both the forms. One can say that both the Astrologies have basic 12 Signs , 12 Cusps and 24 Nakshatras however both may differ from each other as Parashar Astrology has Planets as its aspects to each other and Jamini Astrology has aspects from signs itself.


As mentioned earlier in Jaimini Astrology , aspects are considered from signs which might be understood from the below table :

Cardinal Signs Fixed Signs Common Signs
Aries Taurus Gemini
Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius
Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Now if we look at the table it will provide quite a brief understanding of how signs are divided into three categories. ACardinal Sign, it will aspects with all the fixed signs except the sign next to it, i.e. Aries will aspect with Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius but not with Taurus and so on . A Fixed Sign will aspects all the Cardinal Signs previously situated to it, so if we take Leo as example from chart above it will aspects with Libra, Capricorn and Aries but not Cancer as it is situated just previously to it and so on. A Common Sign aspects to all the other common signs, i.e. Gemini will aspects to Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces and so on.


In both Parashar and JaiminiAstrology planets play role for Karakas, however differently.

In Parashar Astrology it isbased on certain natural karakas of the planets like Venus is natural karaka for marriage, dash is karaka for dash etc.

But in case of Jaimini Astrology , planets changes for different Karakas , in other words we can say Jaimini Karakas are defined differently which may include any of the planets (based on the highest degree of the longitudes). Rahu and Ketu do not take part as Karakas in Jaimini Astrology. Below are the seven different Karakas in Jaimini Astrology:

  1. AtmaKaraka – (Indicates Self)
  2. AmatyaKaraka – (Indicates Career, Knowledge)
  3. BhratrayaKaraka – (Indicates Siblings and Father)
  4. MaatraKaraka – (Indicates Mother, Assests and Education)
  5. PutraKaraka – (Indicates Children, Intelligence and creativity)
  6. GnatiKaraka – (Indicates Enemies, Diseases, competition)
  7. DaraKaraka  – (Indicates Marriage, Partner)


As stated earlier Longitudes identify the roles played by Planets. Below example will help us understand how they work.

Text Box: 10

Suppose we have the above horoscope for someone with the Longitudes mentioned in the table, we will be arranging the planets in decreasing order of their longitudes assigning them the Karakas. Like Planet having highest Longitude (here Sun) will be considered as Atma Karaka (Self as described in the article above) and so on building the table below.

Sun 27o20 AtmaKaraka
Saturn 24o10 AmatyaKaraka
Mars 17o05 BhratrayaKaraka
Mercury 11o01 MaatraKaraka
Jupiter 10o04 PutraKaraka
Moon 7o20 GnatiKaraka
Venus 2o20 DaraKaraka

The Planets will change from horoscope to horoscope and will be assigned Karakas according to the degrees.


Unlike Parashar Astrology where in planets Mahadasas is used, Jaimini Astrology uses Rasi Mahadasas (signs in turn). There are three types of Dasa System – Chara Dasa and Sthira Dasa System and Munduk Dasa System.

Chara Dasa and Sthira Dasa are found can be found in any Kundali (Horoscope) except for the Kundali (Horoscope) where there are 4 planets found in the center.

Rahu and ketu are not part of any the above as they are not considered in Jaimini Astrology.