Mundane Astrology is also referred as MedhiniJyotishor DesaGochara. In simple terms it is the study of the horoscope of the Earth where Mundane represents Earth. It examines the charts of different countries and its present ruler together in order to predict the future of the corresponding country. It may predict about the human life in particular or the life on Earth in general.

It can predict natural calamities like floods, earthquakes etc , epidemic disease spread, change in the countries ruling party, possible wars with the neighboring countries or people revolting against the government thus is gives the link between the individual and the masses or nature. In modern terms it may also be called Political Astrology.


As mentioned earlier , it not only uses the horoscope chart of the country but its current ruler as well. Horoscope chart of the country is determined by the birth date and time of the country i.e Independence of that country however horoscope chart of the ruler implies the birth chart of the President or the Prime Minister of the country (as applicable).

Other than the above mentioned charts Mundane Astrology also accounts for following charts:

  • Solar Ingress chart – it represents the beginning of the new cycle for the Sun to go round the Zodiac sign. It can be drawn from the momentthe Sun enters(Ingress) the Aries 0 degree
  • Charts indicating the time of Solar and Lunar eclipses for that year (helps in predicting the bad events for the respective year)
  • Chart representing the transits of planets during the year

With respect to the above charts an Astrologer should have knowledge of the ruling sign, ruling planet and ruling star for the country.


Following table will help understand the significance of each of the planets in Mundane Astrology.

Planets Represents
Sun Ruler, People In Power, Famous People, Elections
Moon Females In General, Water-Borne Diseases, Food, Water, Mental Disease
Mercury Mass Media, Industries, Business People
Mars Army, Police, Disputes, Accidents, War
Venus Marriages, Births, Sex, Artists
Saturn Democracy, Mines, Coal, Crops, Earth, Agriculture
Jupiter Judges, Advisors, Courts, Religious Guru, Temples,
Rahu Diseases Beyond Cure, Selfishness, Cheaters, Thieves
Kethu Epidemic Diseases, Inflation, Medicines
Uranus Railways, Explosives, Nuclear Weapons
Neptune Photography,Unconsciousness, Fraud, Anesthesia
Pluto Massive Deaths, Unexpected Income And Losses, Exploring New Things


The various houses in a nation’s chart represent the following aspects of a nation’s life:

Houses Represents
1st House Public Health, State Of Law And Order, Condition Of Cabinet
2nd House National Wealth, Revenue, Stock, Trading, Currency, Budget
3rd House Transport, Automobiles, Railway, Newspaper, Information Technology
4th House Agriculture, Land, Properties, Weather, Mines, Natural Resources
5th House Education, Children, Population, Cinema, Sports
6th House General Health Of The Public, Army, Navy, Defense, Diseases
7th House Foreign Relations, International Disputes, Marriages, Tourism, War
8th House State Treasury, Gold, Epidemics, Death, Large Scale losses
9th House Law and Courts, Religion , Progress and Development, Science, Business
10th House Administration, Ruling Party
11th House Parliament, Legislation, Business groups
12th House Mishaps, Hospitals, Crimes, Financial Losses, Investigation Department, Asylums, Expenditure


It could be said as the yearly Horoscope of the country. It is calculated when the Sun and the Moon, both are at the same degrees. It gives the prediction of the particular year about all the major/minor events.

Kumbh Chakkaraprovides the direction or the location of the predicted event.

SankatChakkara provides or predicts the level of adversity or crisis.