Kundli dosh are the result of one or more planets placed negatively or may be giving negative result in an individual’s life by making a combination with other planets and their position to which they are placed. If there exist a dosh in anyone ‘s horoscope instead of getting auspicious result from other well positioned planet the result can be negative so dosh has a  powerful impact in one’s life.

Types of Dosh:

Mangal Dosh : Mangal Dosh is the most common dosh found in kundli but is very impactful  which is responsible for the problem related to marriage and also in the married life.

This Dosh occurs when Mars is placed in any of the house first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth.

We can identify Mangal dosh by three ways – Birth Chart ,Moon Chart, and ShukrChart .

Impact of Mangal dosh depends whether high or low depends upon the position of the planet Mars and its relative position with other planets.

KaalSarpDosh :The KaalSarp dosh occur because  other planets are positioned  between Raahu and Ketu but there are other parameters also which need to be taken into consideration.

This dost is responsible for trouble, destruction , money related problems, family problems and misfortune.

It has also seen the native having KaalSarp dosh do amazingly well in life and blessed with fortune throughout , for that detailed kundli analysis is needed .

ShaaniDosh : Shani Dosh is one of the most inauspicious dosh occurs when  planet Shani is positioned at enemy house , or weak , or retrograded .

Shani Dosh effects a person’s life badly, there will be issues with family, job , business and a lot of other disturbances in life. Shani’s Sadi Sati is also a part of this which gives native troublesome for seven and a half year starting from the transit of the planet from 12th to 1st house.

ShrapitDosh : As the name suggest “ Sharapit” it means curse, the curse mainly related to the irrelevant act’s done  of the native in the past life. This dosh occurs when both Rahu and Saturn are positioned in any one house.

This is so impactful that it can void the good deeds done by the native and also discard the fruitful position of other planets. Dosh Nivaran becomes really important in this case.

Pitra Dosh:  The main reason for pitra dosh is the wrong deeds done by the ancestors , unsatisfied souls of the parents or of the ancestors or  dereliction committed by the native in past life towards the parents .

Surya, Chandra, Rahu or Shani when any two of them are places in the same house causes Pitra Dosh

A person having the dosh faces problems time to time in life related to personal, family and social problem. Problems related to kids are mostly a part of pitradosh .

Chandra Dosh:  If moon is not positioned well or is weak then it there occurs Chandra Dosh.

Such a person tend to have emotional disturbance , messed up mental peace, financial difficulty and crisis.

Kemadruma Dosh: This dosh occurs when moon is not in conjunction with any of the planet of both the sides either auspicious or inauspicious. While considering this dosh effects of rahu and ketu are considered null and void.

Such a person faces poverty , trouble related to profession, mental instability and restlessness.

Grahan Dosh: This dosh occurs when Sun or Moon are in conjunction with  malefic planet and forming such a combination which is causing Grahan in native’s Kundli.

When sun and moon are conjuctingwiuth and ketu within the same degree or 180 degree they tend to form graham dosh

This Dosh adversely affect the life of a person, there may be problem in conceiving the child, repetitive mis-carriage , children falling sick at home.

There is lack of peace in the house, there goes quarrels most of the time, there may be problem in career, the native might be affected by chronic disease , depression , frustration ruins the life of a person.

It is always suggested to get the Grahan Dosh Nivaran done to deduce the ill effect and to get positive result in life.

Guru Chandal Dosh:  This dosh occurs when planet Jupiter and Rahu are in the same house.

The impact and the result  of this dosh depends on the  position and strength of planet Jupiter.

This dosh results in lot of problems in life like native might face problem in education and carrier, instability in life, financial crisis , Jupiter being malefic gives major health issues in one’s life.

There will be loss od reputation in society and depending upon the position of the planet, it will increase the possibility of imprisonment .

ShatakYog:  Person having this Yog in kundli will achieve success in life but looses it after achieving it, this yog give all sort of problems and troubles in life related to health , education , carrier . A person will unnecessary be stressed without problems which may be related to family, finances or anything else which concludes that this yog will take away mental peace.

This yog is formed when Jupiter is placed in the Moon Chart at 6th or 8thpostion.

PaapKhatri Yog:When any planet has second and twelfth house occupied with negative planet it forms Paap Khatri Yog. Even if the benefic planet is placed at a good position but is fringed between two malefic planets it will give negligible positive results.

Native forming this Yog in Kundli may suffer from different kind of problems depending upon the house to which its forming this yog.

DainyaYog: This yog occurs when the lord of sixth, eight and twelfth house get interchanged with other houses.

This Yog majorly effects the wealth of the person, native having this yog will not be focused , underperform in life and will do less of the capability . It would be easy to fall into wrong activities which can lead to problems related to enemy or other struggle and troubles in life.